About us

Nyco Vostok is the Russian subsidiary of the French industrial group Nyco S.A. The group specialises in the development, manufacturing and sale of civil and military lubricants as well as esters and lubricants for automotive and industrial applications. Nyco Vostok sells Nyco lubricants on the Russian territory and organises collaboration with different Russian partners in order to launch production of synthetic lubricants in Russia.

The range of aviation and military lubricants includes lubricating oils for gas turbines, hydraulic fluids, greases, specialities. These lubricants are manufactured in compliance with U.S., British, Russian and French specifications. Esters and finished products are manufactured in Nyco’s fully owned plant located in Tournai, Belgium. Nyco also launched production in India with local partners (http://avi-oil.com).

The high level of expertise in synthetic military and civil aviation lubricants is the result of more than 40 years of experience. Nyco is one of the very few companies producing synthetic lubricants using its own esters and proposes the widest range of aviation lubricants.

Military lubricants

The lubricants for military applications include mineral oil-based products, as well as synthetic products mainly based on synthetic esters. The high thermal stability, low volatility and low pour point of the synthetic base stocks (PAO or ester) used in formulations are particularly well designed for the lubrication of equipment operating at extremely high temperatures, extremely low temperatures, or both.

The unique range of military products encompasses more than 160 different marks, used in various applications in all three armed forces: Army, Air Force and Navy. The US Department of Defense, the UK, French, German, Belgian and Italian Ministries of Defense already use a big range of military products of Nyco production.

Civil aviation lubricants

Nyco offers a complete range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oil-based turbine oils, aviation greases, hydraulic fluids and protective compounds for civil aviation purposes.

These products are formulated and approved against the relevant military specifications and validated by major aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter, CFMl, IAE, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney…)

Automotive and industrial products

The unique Nyco expertise developed in synthetic lubricants is also used to produce the market high performance synthetic fluids used in extreme operating conditions in which mineral-based fluids show weaknesses. Nyco thus offers the market synthetic esters (NYCOBASE), formulated lubricants (NYCOLUBE) and hydraulic fluids (HYDRAUNYCOIL) for the automotive and industrial sectors as well as speciality ester plasticizers for the polymer industry (NYCOFLEX).

Nyco collaborates with different Russian partners for more than 30 years already. Through a continuing cooperation with the local authorities, Nyco is offering a complete range of products for applications on Russian market. Today our Russian subsidiary Nyco Vostok helps to develop new products especially designed for Russian market, for both civil and military use.



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